Exclusive: Doomriders Talk Darkness Come Alive

Exclusive: Doomriders Talk <i>Darkness Come Alive</i>
"My goal with every record I've ever played on has been to create a record that I myself want to listen to. It's sort of like making a sandwich at home: you make the sandwich you want to eat, not the one they have at the grocery store."

This downright awesome analogy comes from one Nate Newton, guitarist/vocalist for self-proclaimed death'n'roll quartet Doomriders, who are finally set to release their sophomore full-length, Darkness Come Alive, later this month.

For the uninitiated, Doomriders aren't exactly prodigious, only releasing a couple of EPs and splits over the years, as well as full-length Black Thunder in 2005. Blame Newton's other gig as bassist for second-generation genre gurus Converge for taking up much of his time. But, thankfully, he's finally gotten the raging "sandwich" complete.

"There are quite a few reasons [Darkness Come Alive took so long]," Newton says in an interview with Exclaim! "Converge have been quite busy over the past few years, so my time has been split between the two bands. This has made it hard to write new material for some time because any time that I wasn't on tour with Converge was spent playing shows with Doomriders. We simply didn't have time to write because of this."

Thankfully, drummer/former Cave-In member JR Connors became a family man last year, forcing enough downtime onto Doomriders - rounded out by bassist Jebb Riley and guitarist Chris Pupecki - to write enough material for a follow-up.

"That slowed down our touring considerably, thus giving us a bit more time at home and the ability to spend that time working on new material," Newton explains. "We would have liked to have put out a record sooner but since this band are not a full-time job for us we didn't feel the need to rush. I don't really care about surpassing Black Thunder. I just wanted to make something different and challenging for us."

To that extent, Newton doesn't hope his divertissement surpasses the work of his day job, just provides fans of hard-rock-influenced metal akin to that of Disfear, Coliseum and Baroness with yet another appetite-whetting blast of rage.

"What do we offer that wasn't in music before Doomriders? Fun? Catchy songs?" he says. "I don't really know but I can tell you that there is an overabundance of bands that are too busy getting caught up in their self-indulgent bullshit trying to make grandiose 'artistic' statements that they forget how much impact a catchy, well-written song can have. You can still be intense, heavy, angry and intelligent and fit it into a good song. Just look at Black Flag."

Darkness Come Alive is due out September 29 via Deathwish Inc. Records.