Truth Club Push Through the Shadows on 'Running from the Chase'

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BY Kaelen BellPublished Oct 30, 2023

North Carolina continues its indie rock dominance with Running from the Chase, Truth Club's deeply affecting sophomore rebirth. There's something in the water in old NC; the state has been unleashing a steady stream of hot-blooded, heart-piercing music forever, but 2023 has seen the stream build to a tidal wave — Wednesday, Sluice, Indigo De Souza and Truth Club have all released emotional barnburners this year, disseminating their state's shadowy, regional witchcraft into the wider world. 

Where Wednesday deal in sparks-and-gasoline intensity and De Souza dresses her heartache in jagged pop sparkle, Truth Club work their magic somewhere in the trees, where guitars tangle like roots and light shifts across the earth in dappled clusters. Travis Harrington, Kameron Vann, Elise Jaffe and Yvonne Chazal have crafted a rock record of uncommon delicacy and scraping depth, equal parts lumbering and swift-footed. 

Excavations of mental crises and the dark swirl of a troubled mind, the songs on Running from the Chase move by their own strange logic, appearing with a startling suddenness and taking several back-alley detours to their cathartic destinations. Tracks like "Uh Oh" and "Siphon" are shaded by long shadows and yellowing bruises, but they contain a warm, nervy inner light — the darkness can always be momentarily chased away, so long as you find the right riff. 

(Double Double Whammy)

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