Exclaim! Does NXNE!

Exclaim! Does NXNE!
Exclaim! is proud to announce that our North By Northeast Showcase is going down on Saturday, June 9 at the Boat in Kensington Market, Toronto. This night will serve up performances by some of our favourite emerging bands from around the GTA including Toronto’s Germans, the Coast and Terror Lake, as well as the D’Urbervilles from Oshawa and Brantford’s Dead Love Triangles. Don’t miss out and make us say "I told you so.”

Germans (1:00 am) – "Stop right there with the easy quip - Germans are from Southern Ontario and Cape Fear is their debut album. Upon first listen it sounds a lot like a collection of spirited jams referencing early ’90s alt-rock in the vein of Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement, but this clumsy characterisation is unfair to Germans. They are damn clever songwriters (amongst them, one Leon Taheny, producer of both Final Fantasy albums) whose skills become increasingly apparent with repeated listens.” -Pras Rajagopalan, Exclaim!

The D’Urbervilles (12:00 am) – "The D’Urbervilles are a product of the times; a young, energetic band caught up in a ’80s new wave revival that is limiting by its very nature. They show real flashes of brilliance and righteous ambition here though, which suggests a move away from reverence to innovation.” -Vish Khanna, Exclaim!

The Coast (11:00 pm) – "Growing up listening to bands like U2 or the Verve has proven to be an excellent spark, and the big, spacious guitar pop sound [The Coast] deliver pays homage to that, but comes across as their own ... The Coast are yet another example of the increasingly talented and seemingly unstoppable Canadian indie music scene” -Rob Bolton, Exclaim!

Dead Love Triangles (10:00 pm) – "This Brantford, ON band are a hard one to peg, which is exactly why they’re so appealing. Evoking the rustic, unpredictable spirit of the Deadly Snakes, these boys sound like they could set off some fireworks with no warning during one of their more slumbering moments. This track is most certainly not a bid to join the new rave wave, but rather any sort of drunken orgy or even just a teenage bush party, whichever has more free booze. The pacing is to perfection and the slurred howling accentuates the out of hand Crazy Horse licks and organ pulsations.” -Cam Lindsay, Exclaim!

Terror Lake (9:00 pm) – "Terror Lake are like the mentally distracted version of Controller.Controller, without being dead serious about everything and hopefully without beating the shit out of each other back stage and then refusing to talk about it in future interviews. Specifically the lack of interviews part; beating the shit out of each other makes for great dinner conversation.” -blogTO.com

Germans "I Am the Teacher"