Evestus Wastelands

A self-proclaimed "post-apocalyptic soundtrack,” Estonia-based Evestus’ second album proves he can tell one hell of a story. Using "Fallout 2” as the muse behind an experiment in what can be accomplished on your home PC, the songs here achieve a fantastic level of ambience through low-key, symphonic sounds. That’s not to say that this is simply a disc of background noise. Tracks such as the breakcore-based "Jetflight Part II – Bad Trip” are scattered in the mix to jar you back into a state of attention. The greatest quality of this release however lies in the apocalyptic themed samples scattered throughout, with the most notable being a hidden track of conspiracy theory speeches that foreshadow a realistic ending for the human race. The composition of some tracks admittedly lacks the complexities and layers that would otherwise make this a fantastic album. Still, there is an addictive quality to this release that compensates for any under-produced annoyances. Wastelands is an album that commands attention, and will be of interest to anyone looking to add a little experimental electronica to their lives. (D-Trash)