Antony and the Johnsons "Everglade" (ft. Kate Moss) (video)

Antony and the Johnsons 'Everglade' (ft. Kate Moss) (video)
Though in the past Kate Moss was linked to troubled Brit rocker Pete Doherty, the model has now hooked up with androgynous chamber pop artist Antony Hegarty for a new video. A clip for Antony and the Johnsons' "Everglade," off 2009's The Crying Light, features the waifish beauty tossing and turning uncomfortably on a couch during a photo shoot.

Using footage from a surveillance camera mounted above, the black and white clip also features some stunning ink-blot animation. The mass of black manifests itself as a snake stowing away in Moss's throat, a pair of hands choking her to death and as a whirlwind vortex threatening to suck the couch into oblivion. All the while, Moss splays out sexily on the piece of furniture, completely unaware of her impending doom.

You can check out the video below.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.