Even Niall Horan Is Over Toronto Traffic

The musician walked to his show at Scotiabank Arena thanks to the city's gridlock

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 2, 2024

While most of Toronto's sloggy venue commutes are thanks to the TTC's limited reach, anyone who's ever tried to get to Toronto's Scotiabank Arena knows it has the opposite problem. It's a little too centrally located, making way for the four horsemen of the city's traffic apocalypse: the Gardiner Expressway, Union Station, dangerously narrow sidewalks and the madness/badness combination of both major music and sports venues being right next to each other.

Niall Horan learned this the hard way over the weekend (June 28 and 29), when he got out of his car and walked the rest of the way to his own shows. The ex-One Directioner documented the experience in a TikTok, where a cover of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" plays as he walks underneath the Gardiner.

"In all of the years playing shows I don't think I've ever walked into a venue," Horan remarked, which is pretty embarrassing for all the Torontonians out there. Hopefully next time he comes to Canada's biggest city, he can visit some of our beautiful parks or fantastic restaurants as a consolation prize.

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