Etienne Charry 36 Erreurs

In the countryside outside of Paris, France, Etienne Charry cooks up adventurous pop vignettes in his musical laboratory far away from metropolitan influences. Beats whirr, analogue contraptions twang, riffing guitars chime and swooning voices harmonise. Each of the 36 "mistakes" takes unexpected melodic twists with clever orchestral and electronic textures. In fact, 36 Erreurs is like a huge box of chocolates, where no two are alike even though they're all heavenly sweet. Charry's ability to create exquisite bite size nuggets of carnival-like fun might stem from his work in commercial art, animation, theatre and as a champion water skier. Suffice to say that Etienne Charry is one suave dude full of swinging grooves. You've certainly never heard anything quite like this before. (Tricatel)