Estrogenocide Estrogenocide

With song titles like "Balls" and "Your Bloody Anus Makes Me Laugh," I just had to give this one a listen. Opening the sleeve, you find that the only two members are Moe Lester and P.D. Phelia - worth a laugh, albeit a very quick one. Then the music starts. It's pretty much simple, uninteresting, repetitive electronica with stupidly breathy, distorted vocals. The lyrics are altogether something else, by this I mean so pornographic/misogynistic that they don't particularly bear repeating (although by not doing so your interest has likely been piqued in the band's favour). My recommendation? Don't waste your time. Maybe if there was any talent here, I would assume that the lyrics being so blatantly offensive is some sort of comment on censorship or mainstream electronic music or something. But the humour element wears off real fast and I couldn't possibly figure out where these idiots are coming from, and even if it is a joke, why they would've wasted even five production dollars to share this crap with anyone unfortunate enough to listen. (M.H.)