Estrella 20/20

Afro Mexicana

BY John F. ButlandPublished Dec 1, 1999

The Estrella boys are trying to fill the huge void left by the dissolution of the mighty Teengenerate. They might not reach the heady heights of Fink, Fifi, Sammy and Suck (later replaced by Shoe), but they’re still worthwhile. They follow the same basic game plan: loud, fast and snotty punk rock with a liberal dose of ’50s juvenile delinquent rock, a smattering of blues, a la Jon Spencer, and hyper-distorted vocals. Estrella’s guitars are distorted to the point that Mudhoney sounds like Segovia, and are further spiked with a thorny filling of feedback. They play at hardcore tempos, but the riffs stay coherent, never straying into speed metal tachycardia. “What Kind Power You Got?” features some goose-fucking sax from Sugar Shack’s Mark. It’s available as a six-track ten-inch vinyl EP, or on CD with the Brown Queenie Yeh-Yeh seven-inch EP tacked on, providing three bonus tracks.

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