Esben and the Witch Return with Sophomore Album

Esben and the Witch Return with Sophomore Album
Moody English indie goths Esben and the Witch delivered their "creepy and picturesque" debut album Violent Cries and the Hexagons EP in 2011, and will follow up those efforts with another grab bag of gloom early next year. The lengthily titled Wash the Sins Not Only the Face drops via Matador Records January 21.

According to the label, the trio's sophomore set is "bold, confident, expansive and not 'difficult' in the slightest," while band member Daniel Copeman noted similarly, "We had a clearer idea of what we wanted to achieve on this album, and how we could achieve it. We're more focused, more confident."

You can make the call for yourself on Esben and the Witch's current crop of tunes via the newly unveiled album track "Deathwaltz" in the minimalist YouTube clip down below. You can also download the track here.

While the album will arrive as a 10-song CD, the LP will include a bonus 7-inch with two more as-yet-unrevealed numbers. The iTunes version of Wash the Sins Not Only the Face will also include these extra cuts. You can check out the tracklisting as we know it down below and the cover art above.

Wash the Sins Not Only the Face:

1. Iceland Spar
2. Slow Wave
3. When That Head Splits
4. Shimmering
5. Deathwaltz
6. Yellow Wood
7. Despair
8. Putting Down The Prey
9. The Fall Of Glorieta Mountain
10. Smashed To Pieces In The Still Of The Night