Esben and the Witch "Dig Your Fingers In" (video)

Esben and the Witch 'Dig Your Fingers In' (video)
Just ahead of the release Esben and the Witch's crowd-funded new LP A New Nature, the British band have brought out a bucolic video for the record's "Dig Your Fingers In."

Scored by the spooky yet serene sounds of Rachel Davies' voice and low-key guitar work, the clip finds a cloaked figure strolling through fields and forested areas. While seemingly a monastic journey, the backpack-sporting central character is greeted by Davies late in the clip and called upon to "dig your fingers in" to whatever situation they're awaiting. It all ends with a ground-rupturing rumble of sound and shaky camerawork.

You'll find the slow-building intertwining of sound and vision down below, while A New Nature will be released September 8 through Esben and the Witch's own Nostromo Records.