Esben and the Witch

'Wash The Sins Not Only The Face Remixes'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 22, 2013

Esben and the Witch kicked off the year by issuing their goth-y sophomore set Wash the Sins Not Only the Face, but now the UK combo have let loose those songs in altered form via a new remix EP.

Within the six-song set, TV on the Radio sonic guru David Sitek revamps "Deathwaltz" as a slow-clanking head trip of spacious piano plunks and moody moans. BEAK>'s Klad Hest, meanwhile, mangles, chops and drops Rachel Davies vocals into a midi-meets-medieval chamber pop re-arrangement of "Despair" before embarking on a hard techno route.

The rest of the freelease features remixes from Maps, Lumbers, Woodpecker Wooliams and Teeth By The Sea, and can be downloaded or streamed down below.

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