Eric Moore and the Godz Twenty-Five Moore Years

Proto biker metal goons the Godz earned a heavy rep by supporting bands like Cheap Trick, Kiss and Angel back in the late ‘70s in and around Columbus, Ohio. Tougher than any of the bands they usually got paired with, they stood out enough to put out two major label albums back in those days, and have gone on to become minor barroom legends. Well, put on your mirror shades and denim vests again because now you can smoke hash oil joints and drink cheap beer all night long to songs like "Criminal Mind,” "Wastin’" and "Gotta Muv" thanks to this two-CD retrospective of the Godz and Eric Moore. While disc one gives you the straight dope on the best that this guy had to offer, disc two is comprised of interviews, live tracks and some demos. By far the best moment here is the insanely hilarious song "Mongolians" with its amazing lyrics like "Mongolians on metal horses ride, lava lords with platinum in their eyes" and "raise your goblet to your heavy metal master.” (Outlaw)