Eric Copeland "Flushing Meats" / "Gutterhouse"

Eric Copeland 'Flushing Meats' / 'Gutterhouse'
While Black Dice's Eric Copeland served up the six-song Limbo LP in June, there's more in store from the screwy soundsmith this summer. Today (July 18) marks the release of a new two-song seven-inch, and you can stream the whole thing now online.

A-side "Flushing Meats" plays off a warped and wobbly funk groove, which finds chopped-up vocal samples pitch-shifting amongst "Atomic Dog" synth fuzz and what sounds like the clink and clank of cutlery being tossed against a kitchen wall. The flip, meanwhile, features the minimalist "Gutterhouse," which also cranks out some out-of-left field samples atop its foot-shuffling rhythms.

The vinyl version of "Flushing Meats" / "Gutterhouse" is available in a limited run of 300 via Calico Corp.