Eric Bachmann

Short Careers: Original Score for the film Ball Of Wax

BY Neil HavertyPublished Sep 1, 2002

If it didn't say his name on the cover, there would be no indication that this record was written by an indie rock icon. Though it shares some similarity with the more obscure sections of his Crooked Fingers project, Short Careers... couldn't have a sound further from the raw DIY aesthetic of Archers Of Loaf, Eric Bachmann's original claim to fame. This score is a lush 36 minutes with not a vocal to be found, something that's compensated for by focusing on full string arrangements, electronically enhanced household noises and percussive twiddling. Used as the soundtrack to a dark motion picture about violence and destruction in professional sports, Careers does exactly what it's supposed to, painting a bleak backdrop that leaves enough room for visual interplay. For a guitar player and vocalist, Bachmann shows a great deal of restraint, only letting his trusty six-string sneak in tastefully, often playing a secondary role to the orchestral elements. If you're looking for traditional Eric Bachmann, you won't find it here. You will, however, find a record that seamlessly showcases Bachmann's increasing maturity. Our icon is growing up.
(Merge Records)

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