Epoxies Stop the Future

The title of this album feels all too appropriate, as the Epoxies sound forever stuck in the new wave era of the 1980s, when outrageous fashion ruled the music scene as much as saturated synths did. But the ’00s have been kind to the Epoxies so far. This band have moved 20,000 copies of their self-titled debut, and the release of Stop the Future couldn’t have better timing, as there has been an undeniable upsurge of ’80s revival bands and a call back to the new wave originators. But while many of the current revivalists cite a new wave influence more often than actually making it overtly audible, the Epoxies really do sound like they’re an ’80s remnant. But while these 13 tracks stimulate and gyrate, they certainly don’t imitate, as this band has taken the best of new wave and made it into something all their own. Lead singer Roxy Epoxy has an unmistakable energy that acts as the perfect complement to the ever-present synths and excitable guitars. The future is looking friendly for the Epoxies. (Fat Wreck)