Eomac Spectre

Eomac Spectre
As one half of Dublin duo Lakker, rising producer Eomac (a.k.a. Ian McDonnell) is quickly making a name for himself as one to watch out for on the techno scene. Spectre, his latest offering and first full-length for Berlin label Killekill, sees McDonnell venture down some of electronic music's murkiest chasms.

The intense onslaught of "Shell of Dark" comes across like an invading army of demonic machines, "Crackts" is downright menacing, and "Rainmaker" looms overhead like a sinister nimbus formation. In short, Spectre is as dark as they come, but hugely enjoyable once you dive in.

It's not all techno, either. Opener "SU Riddim" is more of a tortured grime track than anything. Then there's "Rising 3," the odd middle child. Surrounded by techno tracks, it features the only prominent vocals on the album and seems millimetres away from exploding into a beastly jungle track but manages to restrain itself, somehow making it even more enjoyable than the proposed eruption.

Despite the few off-piste tracks, Spectre is mostly pitch-black techno, atmospheric and relentlessly pounding, the kind of record that creeps into your body through ominous pulses and lingers under the surface even after the music's over. (Killekill)