ENT Fuck Work

Pretty much ruling out any chance of pop success right from the title, let alone the first track, this is the post-everything first album from the Italian duo formed in 2000. Opening track "Beating Cherry Nipples” sets the pace, starting with a glitch-y drone and guitar sample from what sounds like the 1920s, this dissolves into a field of synth strings before getting guitar-ific again with some Tortoise-esque noodling. "All Night Long” follows with the sparsest of the sparse ambient grooves, with echoed electronic crackling evolving into a drone over the course of its 12 minutes. "Eternal Plans” is so minimal as to almost disappear, while Milk Oblò works up a bit more steam, like a tiny toy train would, before subsiding into closer "Nothing For Money,” which saves the best for last, churning out a hypnotic groove that builds to a calamitous industrial din before turning into some sort of traditional country tune. Seriously, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea by any stretch, but essential listening for those who like things leftfield. (Cataphonic)