Enon In This City

A mixed-media companion to their well-received High Society album of last year, In This City is an EP really for devoted Enon fans only. The two remixes of the title track each bring entirely different ideas to the song. The "Soap Mix” by the band adds funky electronica with faint hints of dub, while the "Deadverse” version by hip-hop act Dalek mellows things out completely, transforming it into a slow piece of ambience with lazy trip-hop beats following in the rear. The two new tracks are disappointing as they both suffer from the absence of vocals by Toko Yasuda. "Murder Sounds,” a track featured on their upcoming Hocus Pocus full-length, is remixed pointlessly, providing nothing more than filler and "Inches,” a remix of the song from their debut, attempts dub, but ends up running in circles with the barely audible John Schmersal mumbling something. A taster between the two albums, it really serves no purpose other than to offer videos for "In This City,” "Carbonation” and "Pleasure and Privilege.” And that’s if you really give two shits about seeing videos that are already on the net. (Touch and Go)