Enon High Society

Enon is a Touch & Go super-group of sorts. Comprised of former members of Brainiac and Blonde Redhead, Enon's sophomore album, High Society, takes ideals from both bands in creating their own music. Brainiac's abrasive electronic weirdness dominates in a song like "Count Sheep," led by a gut-wrenching oscillator, while Blonde Redhead's pop experimentalism is ever-present throughout. As the record winds on though, it almost begins to feel more like two different acts together on one recording. John Schmersal's songs rank somewhere in between Pavement and Trans Am, teetering on the line of intelligently crafted pop songs and synth-silly madness. Toko Yasuda's songs, on the other hand, set her up to be the elegant chanteuse, backed up by a simple redundant drum loop, on every one of her tracks. High Society could be a nice EP with some stellar moments of pop oddity, but as a whole it becomes too much of an art rock nightmare, complete with a complimentary headache. (Touch and Go)