Ennio Morricone/Various Remixes Volume 2

So you’re arguing with an ex-girlfriend, a boss or maybe just your average old arch-nemesis, chances are a whistling sound, denoting a dusty street pistol duel, is going through your head. Thank 75-year-old Italian film composer Ennio Morricone for that. Or maybe don’t worry about it, the dude that helped put the spaghetti in Western is getting plenty of props from today’s finest knob-twiddlers. Germany’s cutting-edge electro-organic Compost Records has gathered the likes of Japan’s Yukihiro Fukotomi, Norwegian Kahuun and Canada’s own Nick Holder and Moonstarr along with the likes of Chicken Lips, International Pony and Doctor Rockit (aka Matthew Herbert) to put a contemporary spin on Morricone’s cinematic epics. The results are sweet and melodious, some working with more obvious themes while others interpolate mere snippets into their post-millennial constructions — but all show reverence and respect for a master musician. (Compost)