Enigma Seven Lives Many Faces

A month before the "Return To Innocence” of leadership in the U.S., Enigma have released their seventh studio album. Within the new age/old world spirit we expect from Enigma, Seven Lives Many Faces lies in tune with some universe-encompassing Euro rhythms. Jumping right in with "Encounters,” ethereal vocals describe the number seven in association with all the things we’ve come to expect seven of (stars, days, sins, etc.). The second single, "The Same Parents,” features lead vocals by Michael Cretu’s children, expressing unsettled questions about why people have wars when "we all had the same parents many millions of years ago.” "Distorted Love” exhibits the painful emotions found for people who prize the body over the person. This record carries echoes of Enigma’s past releases, bringing them together with modern elements to make an innovative whole. Music as timeless as this will never be freed from magic. (EMI)