Energy Slime "Bustin' Up" (video)

Energy Slime 'Bustin' Up' (video)
Since last summer, Jay Arner's solo career has gifted us a self-titled LP, a vocals-only package for prospective remixers and a phony live LP. Now there's even more music to sample from the songwriter, though his latest single is a quickie glam rock track billed under the moniker of Energy Slime.

Sounding something like an unearthed Brian Eno B-side circa Here Come the Warm Jets, "Bustin' Up" plays out with a nervous beat, quick chord-changes and a dizzying, reverb-soaked vocal line. If you had to question whether or not Arner and co-conspirator Jessica Delisle are truly bustin' up, note the slightly deranged looks in their eyes, delivered directly into a MacBook lens as if they've been cooped up indoors all winter long.

Weighing in just above the one-minute mark, it's only a taste of the Vancouver duo's apparent dip into madness, and you can sample the freakiness of it all in the player down below.