Endicott The Words in Ink Don't Lie

This album has a lot of expectations to meet, especially after Endicott’s publicity stunt, saying they had been kidnapped from their hotel room. Though the members of Endicott are blatantly confident, there’s not really anything too groundbreaking here. The music sits in the vein of emo/screamo/hardcore, but they steer clear of getting too heavy or screechy. The band’s cockiness might not be a complete waste because there are some good drumbeats and each song has its own feel. The songwriting altogether is extremely well done. Some of the more solid, adrenaline-filled tracks include "Perfect Like Paper Knives” and "Chain Letter.” This is one of those albums that takes a couple of listens to get into and while there isn’t much here that hasn’t been heard before, there is something about it that makes it seem like this is just the beginning for Endicott. Here’s a band that has an aura that is compelling and though this album isn’t astounding, it isn’t weak either. It seems like this is an outfit that, with time, will make something happen. (Equal Vision)