Emulsion Blue Sky Objective

A child of the ’80s video game generation, Nathan Koch, aka Emulsion, brings his love of eight-bit sound to his debut lo-fi electro outing. Reminiscent of a glitched out Doctor Who soundtrack set on electro-styled broken beat, Blue Sky Objective thrives on digital artifacts and slightly skewed synth melodies. A little experimental at times, Koch’s sound drifts loosely between industrial and ambient glitch, and within his tweaked out and slightly out of tune sonic data stream; tracks such as "Smeared Bus Window” and the more up-tempo "All Robots On Sale” still carry a strong melodic thread. While all the video game effects and characteristic eight-bit sounds do invariably imbue it with a retro feel, the juxtaposition of sounds and space harvested from Koch’s lo-fi palette also renders it with a quirky futuristic flavour. (Lens)