The Embassy "Some Indulgence”/”Now That's What I Call Indulgence (by TTA)”

The Embassy 'Some Indulgence”/”Now That's What I Call Indulgence (by TTA)”
"Sweden’s grandest 21st century anthem” by "Sweden’s prime pop professors” is how the Embassy’s label Service describes this stunning single. To that all I have to say is, sheesh, could you leave some of the writing to us? What else is there to add that the publicist didn’t hit square on the head? Comprised of two prim likely lads from Gothenburg - Fredrik (vocals, guitars) and Torbjörn (the electronic stuff) – the Embassy are a fascinating crew who came together as co-working mailmen who found themselves squaring off in a punch up at an office party. Born out of their shared distaste for rock’n’roll and mutual love for Orange Juice, New Order, Vic Godard and Cockney Rejects, the Embassy realise pop music’s extravagance to its fullest extent. Taken from their gorgeous second album, Tacking (out through the Service label), "Some Indulgence” exudes the titular magnificence with its attractive grunting and bongo beat, bittersweet harmonies and crystalline production. A re-release of the single this year was ordered once the mighty Tough Alliance boys turned in their remix of Balearic beats, tropical synths and their patented backing coos. This pair go hand in hand together tastefully like bread and butter, which is why one doesn’t rule over the other on this year-end list.

The Embassy "Some Indulgence”

The Embassy "Now That's What I Call Indulgence (by TTA)”