Ten Car Stereo

BY Jason SchneiderPublished Jun 1, 2002

From the opening guitar break on the title track, this album is an invigorating blast of power pop with just enough rootsiness to make it one of the most promising Canadian debuts of this year. The quartet from Peterborough, ON, has managed to combine the rawness of Crazy Horse with the savvy pop sensibilities of Teenage Fanclub, yet what's most refreshing is front-man Ryan Beerman's heartfelt small town imagery. What's wrong with so much rock right now is that bands seem to deny where they're from. On songs like "Thistle Town" and "Tiny Stars," both the wonder and the ennui of living anywhere outside of a big city are beautifully encapsulated. Any fan of Joel Plaskett should search this album out, as well as anyone who was let down by Neil Young's latest effort.

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