Eluvium Returns with Similes

Eluvium Returns with <i>Similes</i>
Following the release of his career-defining Copia LP in 2007, Portland's Eluvium (aka Matthew Cooper) hasn't released much in the way of new material. Instead, he spent 2008 clearing house by releasing every song he'd ever written on the seven-LP box set Life Through Bombardment. Now, with his entire past available on vinyl, Eluvium is looking to the future with a new full-length.

Titled Similes, the album is due out on Temporary Residence next year. According to reports, it will feature both percussion and vocals, a definite first for the airy, avant-garde composer.

As a press release from the label explains, the album "marries Eluvium's trademark dream-like aura with Cooper's unique, laconic vocals, akin to an especially contemplative Ian Curtis with trace reflections of Magnetic Fields and Brian Eno. It is the most daring -  and ultimately most rewarding - work of Eluvium's impressive and prolific career."

Similes is due out on February 23.


1. "Leaves Eclipse the Light"
2. "The Motion Makes Me Last"
3. "In Culmination"
4. "Weird Creatures"
5. "Nightmare 5"
6. "Making Up Minds"
7. "Bending Dream"
8. "Cease to Know"