Eli Good Bride of the Bull

If you’ve been working on an album for the past two and a half years, then it’s obviously a very special project, or you’re just a real lazy bastard. With an enchanting mix of chamber pop, a la Richard Hawley, and shuffling electronics, it’s nice to say Eli Good has not put all that time to waste. The songs can actually be divided into two different types, with hushed melodic rock some of the time, and the other time devoted to surprisingly bare electronic experiments. With a "wheeee-o,” the previously lush mood seems eradicated in favour of a trivial experiment. This result can best be heard in the differences between the acoustic, crackly-beats of "What Clouds the Feast” and the slight "Airborne Fisher.” Despite the minor quibbling, Bride of the Bull succeeds on the merits being able to create a rich, diverse atmosphere. The jarring difference between certain songs is a slight distraction, but when Good throws his full, rich vocals to a solid beat, the results will easily make those who enjoy their pop dark and rife with atmosphere stand to attention. (Feast or Famine)