Elektro Guzzi

Live P.A.

BY Sarah FergusonPublished Apr 5, 2011

Austrian techno trio Elektro Guzzi's live album is a play on the meaning of "live P.A.": band members Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Breuer make live, digital-sounding music on analog gear (with guitar, bass and drums). Live P.A. kicks in with the ominous "Intro" giving away the record's sci-fi soundtrack appeal. Smoothly gliding into "Vogelgrippe," very analog percussion expresses a simple beat lined with imaginative use of guitar and bass, creating echo-y, trance-inspired audio that's new to a traditionally rock-oriented medium. Live P.A. successfully builds a bridge between rock and techno using the constructive philosophy of electronic music tied with rock instruments ― the album emanates the spirit of both genres. "Boom Room" exhibits this meeting of genres in a way that's both fresh and skilled. In fact, most songs on this record connect and share the same soft rolling rhythm, like a fog through hills. "Perturbed Dub" begins a bit harsh on the ears, only to evolve into some intriguing gentleness. Elektro Guzzi convey both creativity and magic.

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