Electric Wizard to Drop Black Masses in the New Year

Electric Wizard to Drop <i>Black Masses</i> in the New Year
It looks as if it's time to set the doomsday clock for January 18, 2011. That's the date that cult underground British doom metal/psychedelic freakies Electric Wizard have set for the release of their seventh album, which, like all their material, is sure to be impossibly, heart-shakingly, time-stoppingly heavy.

 The album, to be released by Rise Above Records, will be called Black Masses and is set to drop on that previously mentioned January 18 date. The disc was recorded by Grammy-winning recording engineer Liam Watson (the White Stripes), but we have a hunch the album's not going to be getting the band any Grammys next year. A tracklisting for the record -- sure to be chock full of the band's usual lyrical fare that celebrates all that is horror, occult, biker and b-grade -- is below.

Now, we're not usually ones to quote wholesale from press releases, but the following snippet from the PR pretty much sums up the awesomeness that is Electric Wizard:

Propelled by gigantic riffs and dripping with dark, bluesy undertones, Black Masses is an ugly, sleazy and dirty album steeped in unruly themes of '70s exploitation cinema, occultism, substance abuse and narco-satanism. Taken as a whole, the record creates a twisted amalgam of late '60s dark acid psychedelia and early '80s satanic metal, all draped in vile, misanthropic imagery and lyrics.

The album will be the first to feature bassist Tas Danazoglou, who joined the band after their last disc, 2007's excellent Witchcult Today.

Black Masses:

1. "Black Mass"

2. "Venus in Furs"

3. "Night Child"

4. "Patterns of Evil"

5. "Satyr IX"

6. "Turn Off Your Mind"

7. "Scorpio Curse"

8. "Crypt of Drugula"