Electric President Electric President

It’s inevitable that every single written word about this band will mention the Postal Service, the newly crowned king of car ads. Here, there are two members, Alex Kane and Ben Cooper, and they integrate skittering electronic beats with distinctly emo delivery, but they deviate just slightly due to the appearance of warm instruments like guitars and drums. However, those looking for prime Postal Service fare should look to the opener, and strongest track, "Good Morning, Hypocrite,” while also listening to "Metal Fingers,” which also weaves an intricate beat-driven web. Of course, those put off by music that soundtracks perfect cars on perfect roads should look to "Some Crap About the Future,” where guitars are layered in a slow dirge that bursts into a slightly acoustic ditty. Also, the closer "Farewell” plays around with guitars and electronics in the same manner, letting the music end in a sombre style. Really, any further analysis is probably not what this music needs as this is paint-by-numbers lap-pop that will tickle the ears of those Death Cab and Album Leaf fans. Besides the slight differentiation, this is strong material that will no doubt soundtrack the latest lament than fast cars. (Morr)