Electric Frankenstein Meets El Nada

One of the most prolific punk bands around, Electric Frankenstein seem to put out an album or at least an EP every other month. This time it’s a two-band split EP with California’s El Nada. The first four songs feature Electric Frankenstein with their now-classic hybrid of hard street punk and heavy garage rock. "Leave It at That" and "Make No Mistake" are the strongest tracks of the four, both up there with any of EF’s better recorded output. As EF have done in the past on split records with bands like the Supersuckers, the band gives props to the other and covers one of the their songs, and EF rip up El Nada’s "502 Blues.” Up second are El Nada, an Orange County punk band with all Hispanic members who play pretty straight-ahead street punk with gruff vocals and twin guitars. From the mid-tempo "Not the Same" to the speedy mosh-bait of "Where I’m Going,” I’m sure this gets the kids going at all ages shows. Closing things off is El Nada’s competent stab at covering EF’s "NY Nights.” Of special interest to punk purists is the fact that El Nada’s songs are produced by Circle Jerks/Bad Religion member Greg Hetson. (Finger)