Electric Frankenstein Listen Up Baby

This is it, the absolute cream of the crop from New Jersey's bruise masters of street punk rock and roll, reissued and complete with bonus tracks. First released on Man's Ruin but unavailable for over three years in the wake of that label's demise, the eight songs that made up the original ten-inch are a perfect balance of crushing punk power and infectious, anthemic songwriting. Produced with a heavy-handedness that takes the best Dead Boys double guitar sound even further, songs like "Neurotic Pleasures," "Rocket In My Veins" and "You're So Fake" are so good they make me want to get in a fight. The new songs are a mix of old Estrus and Sub Pop seven-inch tracks, as well as a couple of previously unreleased ones, which are all pretty ripping but not quite as good as the first eight ones. This also features one of Frank Kozik's best album covers ever! (TKO)