Electric Frankenstein Dawn of Electric Frankenstein

The distorted and prolific East Coast monsters of rock, Electric Frankenstein, are back yet again. With five new songs to shake, rattle and roll any corpse back to life, Dawn of Electric Frankenstein could be a great EP, but it's more than just that. This latest offering is more of a history lesson to showcase all of the bands that Electric Frankenstein arose from. Following Electric Frankenstein's five tracks, vocalist Steve Miller's earlier band, Crash Street Kids, put in four songs of raw, balls-y rock. Meanwhile, the Hawkwind-influenced stoner rock of the Thing shows relatively no pre-cursors to ever being related to Electric Frankenstein, but they are. Lastly, who could forget about goth darlings of yesterday, Katherdral. Electric Frankenstein mastermind Dan Canzonieri played in this death rocker combo. And although the music isn't directly of the Frankenstein nature, the dark spirit is prominent in these demo recordings. Not an essential release, but one worth checking out. (Triple X)