Elected Sun, Sun, Sun

While fellow Rilo Kiley-ian Jenny Lewis is trying out her first solo album, Blake Sennett has reverted back to his somewhat successful project, the Elected. While both acts tread a lush pop feel, Sennett gives in to the romanticism a bit more and the dramatic flourishes found on this album make it alluring, but not essential. Sounding stunningly professional for what was recorded in motel rooms, there is a wonderful optimism that flows through all the songs here and, indeed, it lives up to its title since Sennett does have a sunny outlook on things. The formula that’s set out here works best on "Not Going Home,” where the overlapping vocals and chorus are rousing and the lushness makes for a formidable pop statement. Where Sun, Sun, Sun falters in its pop is on songs like "Did Me Good,” where Sennett’s vocal delivery and arrangements seem to be love with the artifice of ’50s pop, and Sun, Sun, Sun — for all its notable accomplishments — always seems to walk this fine line between truth and pretence. This is definitely fun in the sun, but sometimes its gets a bit, well, annoying. (Sub Pop)