El Guincho Remixes Collected on Four New EPs

El Guincho Remixes Collected on Four New EPs
As much as we love the sunny, tropical jams found on El Guincho's stellar debut, Alegranza, the Brazilian producer has been taking far too long to put out a proper follow-up. In an effort to buy some time, he recently dropped a remix EP for his "Antillas" single. Apparently, that wasn't enough, as he's just announced another set of four remix EPs.

While the Antillas EP, released in September, was digital-only, the four new EPs will also be available on twelve-inch vinyl. The first two EPs feature many of the same "Antillas" remixes that were available digitally. Those include work from Architecture in Helsinki, Prins Thomas, Bass Clef, XXXchange, Al Haca and Banana Clipz.

The other two EPs focus on the track "Kalise," and include the work of Tanlines, Delorean, Frikstailers, Jools MF, Kubo and Mumdance. One of the Kalise EPs also includes a track called "Para Que Celebren Todos," an El Guincho track not found on Alegranza.

The Antillas EPs are set for release on November 23 via Young Turks, while the Kalise EPs haven't been given a release date yet. Best of all, the records' covers fit together to make a giant version of Alegranza's parrot-heavy cover, so make some wall space now.

Antillas EP1:

1. "Antillas" (Original)
2. "Antillas" (XXXchange Remix)
3. "Antillas" (Cee (Al Haca) Remix)
4. "Antillas" (Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos) Remix)

Antillas EP2:

1. "Antillas" (Original)
2. "Antillas" (Architecture in Helsinki Remix)
3. "Antillas" (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
4. "Antillas" (Bass Clef Remix)

Kalise EP1:

1. "Kalise" (Original)
2. "Kalise" (Tanlines Remix)
3. "Kalise" (Delorean Remix)
4. "Para Que Celebren Todos"

Kalise EP2:

1. "Kalise" (Frikstailers [ZZK] Remix)
2. "Kalise" (Jools MF Remix)
3. "Kalise" (Kubo Remix)
4. "Kalise" (Mumdance Remix)