Ekko Remixes Ekkocentric

The Montreal based Interchill label compiles remixes of Ekko's debut recording, Centripetal, into a global mix of dub inspired electronica. Recorded in London, Montreal and Wales, and produced in Toronto and mastered on Salt Spring Island, Ekkocentric combines liquid rhythms and dub into a fluid fusion of organic and electronic beats. Artists such as Dub Colosuss, Neotropic, Zion Train and Sci Fi Witch Doctor mix solid grooves and diverse rhythms, from raga to drum & bass, into something more free-flowing and a little more up-tempo than usual Interchill releases. For all its global influences, a distinctly Canadian flavour of organic electronica emerges from Ekkocentric, and one can picture producer Adham Shaikh compiling rhythms, sampling bird songs and chainsaws from outside his West Coast studio. It is not often that you say all 17 tracks of a double-CD are excellent, but it is the case here. This is an exquisite chill-out CD that will please fans of organic and electronic rhythms alike, and it is guaranteed to have a favoured place in any progressive dub addicts collection. (Interchill)