Eels Announce End Times Details

Eels Announce <i>End Times</i> Details
It's no secret that Eels mastermind Oliver Everett is one hard-working dude. Everett recently announced that his next Eels record, titled End Times, was already written and recorded just six months after the release of Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire. To prove he wasn't joking, Everett has now released the tracklisting and cover art for the record.

As we already heard, End Times features 14 tracks that were "largely self-recorded." Now that we have the full tracklisting, along with the album's bummer cover art (see above), it seems that this record will be a bit of a downer. The proof is in song titles like "In My Younger Days," "High and Lonesome" and "I Need a Mother."

 Fortunately, you'll have some time for the emotional preparation before you curl up with End Times. The record is scheduled for release on January 19.

End Times:

1. "The Beginning"

2. "Gone Man"

3. "In My Younger Days"

4. "Mansions of Los Feliz"

5. "A Line in the Dirt"

6. "End Times"

7. "Apple Trees"

8. "Paradise Blues"

9. "Nowadays"

10. "Unhinged"

11. "High and Lonesome"

12. "I Need a Mother"

13. "Little Bird"

14. "On My Feet "