Edwyn Collins Preps New Solo Album, Singles Comp, Archival Releases

Edwyn Collins Preps New Solo Album, Singles Comp, Archival Releases
Edwyn Collins is a busy man. The former Orange Juice frontman issued his latest solo album, Losing Sleep, in North America back in the spring, and he's also recently produced an album for Comet Gain and launched his own record label. Now, the Scottish indie pop great has unveiled plans to release a singles compilation, some archival rarities and another new solo LP.

NME points to a blog post by Collins's own AED Records that reveals the songwriter is "going like the clappers at a new record" that is "about two-thirds recorded at time of writing."

The working title is Understated. You can hear a folk-tinged song from the new sessions called "Down the Line" embedded at the bottom of this page.

That song lends it name to a new compilation that includes 11 singles from past solo albums, plus the title track. Down the Line comes out on December 12 exclusively via iTunes, and the label notes that this marks "the first time many of these tracks have been available for digital download."

Finally, AED tells us to "anticipate a series of releases of Edwyn's solo catalogue." What will this entail? According to the label, "Deleted, lost and forgotten albums and other recordings will resurface; remastered and wrapped up in special, carefully prepared sleeves."

There's no word as to the North American release plans for all of this, but Collins's forthcoming material is bound to make its way to this side of the Atlantic eventually, whether by legitimate means or otherwise.

EDWYN COLLINS - Down The Line by Analogue Enhanced Digital