Edwyn Collins Launches His Own Label

Edwyn Collins Launches His Own Label
When former Orange Juice singer Edwyn Collins issued his latest LP, Losing Sleep, it wasn't until six months after the UK release that the disc finally arrived here in North America. Hopefully Collins is planning to sort out those distribution issues himself, since he just started his own label, Analogue Enhanced Digital.

Collins co-founded the label with James Endeacott, who also started 1965 Records and previously worked for Rough Trade Records.

Clash Music points out that the label is launching with four new singles in the UK, one for each week in October. The singles are:

Broken Hands - "Brother" / "What You've Taken" (out October 3)
Rotifer - "Canvey Island" / "The Frankfurt Kitchen (Electric Version)" (out October 10)
Wide Seat - "A Place to Call Home" / "London Nights" (out October 17)
Linden - "Brown Bird Singing" / "If I Had Wings" (out October 24)

Collins's exact plans for the endeavour are currently unclear, since the label doesn't appear to have a website at this time. But it has posted a song from each of the singles listed above on SoundCloud, so listen below.

The label is reportedly gearing up for full-lengths from Wide Sea and Rotifer. What's more, a show listing for British rockers the Moons reads, "The Moons recorded their second album, Tales of the Unexpected, with producer Edwyn Collins for release on... Analogue Enhanced Digital."

BROKEN HANDS - Brother by Analogue Enhanced Digital

ROTIFER - Canvey Island by Analogue Enhanced Digital

WIDE SEA - A Place To Call Home by Analogue Enhanced Digital

LINDEN / BROWN BIRD SINGING by Analogue Enhanced Digital