Echo and the Bunnymen Gearing Up for 'The Garden of Meedin'' LP

Echo and the Bunnymen Gearing Up for 'The Garden of Meedin'' LP
Earlier this month, we announced that Ian McCulloch was planning to release a double album called Holy Ghosts. The plot thickens, however, as the singer-songwriter will now return to his first love, with plans for a new Echo and the Bunnymen LP later this year.

The release is called The Garden of Meedin', and will mark the band's 12th album and first since 2009's The Fountain.

Speaking with The Quietus, McCulloch said we can expect more of the post-punk flirtations that was common on early Bunnymen releases. "It's more like the early stuff with loads of spiky guitars and space," he said. "But as much as this is reminiscent of the past, it feels dead new to me."

McCulloch added, "It sounds fantastic. It's just a different kind of ambition. The idea is to make the greatest album we've ever made. I always go into things thinking that anyway. I've spent the last 10 years trying to see where I could go with my voice and if I could write some bridges. Then I looked back and realised we never had any bridges."

Stay tuned for more information on The Garden of Meedin' as it becomes available.