EBB Loona

Smooth bass pads, percolating glitch and lean, drawn out vocals make "All Made of Music,” Loona’s first single, the epitome of singer/songwriter electronica. Enveloped in a moody, melodic soundscape that’s both crisp and soft, and bound by Ebb’s shoegazing vocals and persistent guitar plucks, Loona coasts within glitched-out atmospherics and hovers between flights of melodic pop and dreamy, tech-filtered ambient. Unwinding as a sort of personal serenade couched in radio-friendly folk-electronica, Loona comes across much like Swedish producer Ebb’s home country counterpart Ikea: everything you hear is inoffensive, clean and just a little bit smarter than the rest. The end product, however, is unlikely longstanding. To give credit to its fresh fusion of easy listening glitch pop, Loona did win Sweden’s Manifest award for best electronica album. (Gay Monkey)