Earthlings? Earthlings?

Former Wool/Scream vocalist Pete Stahl takes his affinity for desert-scorched rock and alien abduction to its logical conclusion with this sun-dried, sand-blasted modern psychedelic masterpiece that's just a few bong hits shy of being a soundtrack for a Manson Family reunion. Taking care of pretty much all the vocals and instruments himself, Stahl gets help from old friends like former Scream-mate Dave Grohl, Kyuss outcast Scott Reeder and Victoria Williams on songs that sound like they were conceived and written after taking one too many mushrooms while vacationing in Roswell. But as spacy as it is, this 11-track disc is strangely coherent and lucid, and as heavy as it is heady. Then again, I shouldn't be too surprised - we've come to expect this kind of quality from Stahl. (Man’s Ruin)