Earlymay Stay Off Your Heels

Earlymay is chock full of big emotions, big vocals, big visions, and big guitar sweeps straight to you from Big Rock, Michigan. They churn out ambitious, anthem-like suites of emotionally charged melancholic rock that sometimes work and sometimes don’t — when they don’t is when they come off as trying too hard to be epic. Front-man Brad Peterson has a tendency to wail out lyrics that are too broad, obtuse, and ambiguous. The soundscape is vast, with loads of strings, multi-layered vocals, and dark, hard-edged guitar solos. They’ve obviously listened to a lot of mid-era Radiohead and U2, and the resulting sound isn’t necessarily bad — Peterson’s voice and their instrumental skills are definitely above par for a debut— but it’s just a little "been there, done that”. (Mother West)