Eagles of Death Metal Give First Interview Following Paris Attack

Eagles of Death Metal Give First Interview Following Paris Attack
On November 13, an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris turned into a horrifying nightmare, as a terrorist attack left 89 dead and many more critically injured. The band issued a statement in the wake of the incident, and drummer Julian Dorio also made remarks. Now, Eagles of Death Metal have granted their first full interview following the attack.

Vice sat down with frontman Jesse Hughes, guitarist Eden Galindo, bassist Matt McJunkins and sound engineer Shawn London. Drummer Julian Dorio spoke via a video call, and co-founder Josh Homme (who wasn't at the show) joined the interview partway through. The conversation starts with the musicians giving a detailed account of where they went once the gunfire began and how they each escaped the venue.

Hughes described looking for his girlfriend backstage and having an up-close encounter with a terrorist. He said, "I opened up the hallway door, and that's when I saw the shooter. And he turned on me, brought his gun down and the barrel hit the door frame. I was like, 'Oh fuck.'"

All of their accounts are frightening and emotional, and Hughes is tearful and panicked at times. The singer even described how people died attempting to hide in Eagles of Death Metal's dressing room.

In addition to the full band interview, Hughes and Homme sat down for a separate chat, and they reflected on the future of the band and their feelings about the fans who died. Hughes talked about how lucky he is to be alive, and the group addressed the outpouring of support they have received.

Hughes said, "I cannot wait to get back to Paris. I cannot wait to play. I want to come back. I want to be the first band to play the Bataclan when it opens back up. Because I was there when it went silent for a minute. Our friends went there to see rock'n'roll and died. I'm going to go back there and live."

They have promised to finish their tour, although all of their shows are on hold for the time being.

It's a harrowing account. Watch the interview below.