Dynamo Productions Get it Together

After dominating electronic music for years, the seaside city of Bristol has been awful quite lately. Or maybe we just haven’t been listening. The hip-hop-indebted Bristolian duo of Scott Hendy (Boca 45, Purple Penguin) and Andy Smith (Portishead’s DJ, the Document compilations) joined forces to form Dynamo Productions, touring the world and releasing the slept-on 2003 full-length Analogue, along with a few vinyl-only break beat workouts. Their new remixes and rarities LP Get it Together gathers up their best tracks (plus a few new ones) and hands them to the likes of Krafty Kuts, Katalyst and even Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, who redesigns the standout banger "Back to Basics.” Of course, the breaks scene has been almost as ignored as Bristol, but an album so solid as this should help remind the dance nation that this genre’s bell-rocking beats, old-school bass lines, turntable scratches and dust-covered samples still put the, er, fun in funky. (Unique)