BY Jesse ShipPublished Aug 3, 2010

Montreal's DVAS channel mystical forces of the Hall & Oates, et al. yacht rock movement while making memorable contributions to the French Touch sound. The album's title track channels Sebastien Tellier's "Sexuality" crescendo horn hooks, mixing them with plucky synth bops and up-late-at-night-in-your-bedroom bubblegum vocals. Being from Montreal, it's easy to bring up Chromeo comparisons, but the beats and heart-wrenchingly sincere vocals, like those in "Consenting Adults," always take the forefront in DVAS' doings. The album is great for anyone looking to recapture the emotionally-tinged disco ethics of Daft Punk's earlier smashes from Homework and Discovery, especially tracks like "Fantasy," whose crashing waves conjure images of Charles, the poor, sentimental pup featured in Bangalter's early videos. If you love the '70s and the '80s even more, but tuned out for most of the '90s, there is no album for you this summer other than Society.
(Upper Class)

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