Dusty Trails Dusty Trails

With a swishy disco pop feel, the Dusty Trails announce that their new name can't hide their pop pedigree, or at least Vivian Trimble can't. Having previously toiled in Luscious Jackson, in 1996, Trimble released a side-project pop record as the Kostars with LJ bandmate Jill Cunniff; now Trimble has hooked up with former Breeder Josephine Wiggs for another Kostars-esque kick at the bossa pop can-can. It's not a carbon copy of the Kostars lounge pop, but Dusty Trails can't hide its source, and Trimble can't bah-bah-bah like anyone else. For fans of light pop that's easy to digest, Dusty Trails is perfect, but repeat listenings might require an insulin shot. (Atlantic)