Dust A Dust Track Odyssey

This is some deeply smooth stuff from the London, UK trio of Ralph Lamb, Adam Phillips and Andy Ross. With a sultry backdrop that takes its cue from musical bookends such as Pink Floyd and Portishead, A Dirt Track Odyssey is a trippy, groovy, down-tempo pop album that has great songs and great beats to boot. Although more designed for the couch than the dance floor, this music is a great film score in waiting. Slow, easy-going vocal layers, country-esque guitars and a kaleidoscope of orchestral sounds makes up most of the album, and it has a great sense of flow without any anomalies or interruptions. As members of the Herbaliser's horn section, Ralph and Andy come by their myriad musical tastes honestly. Indeed, they whetted our appetites before with their lounge-friendly material released under the name Easy Access Orchestra. Although some of their Ninja Tune-inspired funkiness is present, this is much more of a pop album in its purest form, with a leaning towards the spacier side of things, such as Primal Scream's definitive Screamdelica. In a nutshell, this is great lazy day or smoky night music. (Bar De Lune)